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When Sh*t Happens

So, when you feel like the world's against you and nothing is going to plan... House sale collapsed (second time in 10 months), upcoming surgery, demands of work, training fallen off a cliff and trying to build your own business at the same time - I am at the place of 'oh well sh*t happens'.

What I have established is that I could allow emotions to overwhelm me and drag me down - or I can face into the fact that sh*t happens - trust me - I had a full-on pity party on the weekend which involved copious amounts of coffee and a battering of the bank account - oops.

But hey, it's ok to feel pants and have moments of utter despair, but, I know I am not those feelings. I am not the anger. I am not the sadness. I am not the pain.

Easier said than done to close out the mind chatter, but finding time to focus on the things that make you smile and feel good in life can make such a difference, no matter how small (or how insignificant you think they are - they are yours) - mine was helped with a large dose of coffee this morning to get me fired up for the week ahead.

Take control of the things you can, and those you can't well, like I say here in the opening title Sh*t Happens - take ahold of the sh*t you can control and influence, and for that you cannot - well there's always a bag of chocolate buttons somewhere close.

Light the sage, cleanse the house, the mind, the body and all will work out for the best in the end (at least it better had).

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